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Revealed! The Ugly Truth About Ayur 69 Male Sex Pills

If you search online for Ayur 69 male enhancement capsules you'll see multiple websites marketing this supplement with huge claims and catchy taglines. There are many companies that are promoting this same product with claims that their brand is the original one. Besides, several web pages open up on searching for this product offering special discounts to lure buyers. Obviously, huge promises, guaranteed results and cheaper price always attract buyers. But remember, just because something is heavily advertised does not necessarily mean that it is worth buying.

Same is the case with Ayur 69 sexual health capsules. This food supplement is being marketed online with claims and promises to deliver outstanding results within weeks without any side effects. But the fact is that this supplement is counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved. In other words, Ayur 69 male enhancement capsules are simply fake!

Testosterone Defiiency and Low Sex Drive are Linked

Before describing what is Ayur 69 and what are its side effects, let’s first understand why these male sexual health pills are being manufactured. Probably every man knows how essential it is to maintain adequate levels of testosterone in their body in order to enjoy a pleasurable sex life. This vital male sex hormone is primarily responsible for a man’s sexual desire and libido. The testosterone production starts declining gradually after the age of thirty, which is absolutely normal. But if it decreases below its lowest benchmark then it can lead to various sexual problems such as a poor sexual performance, less desire for sexual activities, low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc.

While many men feel helpless and compromise with the condition, some look for ways to deal with the problem. Many men who are not satisfied with their bedroom performance and their manhood size often turn to sexual health pills, supplements, lotions, and creams to intensify their virility and sexual activities.

Both online and offline retail stores are selling testosterone boosters and male enhancement supplements in one or other form, thanks to the rising demand from people who wish to enhance their sexual performance, improve manliness and increase sex drive. But several small and large scale surveys of these products have revealed that most testosterone-boosting supplements sold across the web are bogus! The one recently exposed artificial male enhancer is Ayur 69!

Fake Supplement and False Promises

The manufacturer of Ayur 69 capsules claims that these are 100% natural capsules that are intended to accelerate body’s natural production of testosterone and increase a man’s sexual drive and size of manhood in a safe and healthy manner. According to the makers, each Ayur 69 capsule contains a balanced and powerful blend of the most potent herbs and supreme rasayan (known as bhasmas in India) that work together to improve men’s erection, stamina and sexual desire. As per the manufacturer, this pure natural formula is developed after many years of research with carefully selected herbal ingredients including ashwagandha, kaunch beej, gokhru, kokilaksha, shilajeet which do not cause any side effects and deliver outstanding results in a very short span of time.

By taking one capsule of Ayur 69 twice daily for one month and, the makers say, you will start experiencing more sexual confidence, longer and harder erections, increased sexual pleasure and sex time as well as improved manliness, strength and stamina to last longer in the bed. Another claim made by the makers is that Ayur 69 tablets is a clinically tested formula and approved by 271 medical experts as a organic food supplement for men.

But Wait! None of these claims is true! The company provides no evidence to its buyers in support of its claims. One big lie the manufacturer tells is that Ayur 69 male enhancer is lab lab-tested and legally approved by India’s Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH), which is absolutely false as the company has no certification to show in this regard. Another thing that makes this supplements completely unreliable is the listing of its ingredients.

The bottle of Ayur 69 capsules does not have information mentioned on it about any of its ingredients thereby is unsafe to consume. Ayur 69, actually, has a history of causing a lot of side effects, including rashes in and around the private parts. Past users of Ayur 69 capsules and oil have posted their review online, describing their horrible experiences after using this product.

They are warning people to stay away from this fake product in order to be safe from any dangerous health consequences. A piece of advice, always be skeptical when shopping for supplements to improve your libido and strengthen your intimate areas. Research the products thoroughly and learn as much as you can about them so that you choose the right male enhancement formula for you. For more information on how Ayur 69 capsules can damage your health and body function visit